For Kids

Coventry Village is pleased to provide a Children’s playground free of charge to use. The opening hours are from 9AM to 6PM daily, and may close without notice for cleaning or maintenance.

To ensure everyone can benefit from the playground, please note the conditions of use below:


1. Entry is restricted to children under the age of 6 and a height under 1.2m

2. Management may close the playground for cleaning or maintenance purposes

3. No shoes or food/drinks in the designated areas

4. If children are left unattended or unsupervised, the Police will be called immediately

5. Ensure your child/children have regular toilet breaks so mishaps in the playground are avoided

6. Only 2 children on the trampoline at one time

7. No adults on the top level of the playground

Please remember to respect the playground rules

Playground (webpage)

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