Bula – €”Taste of the Pacific”

Shop: 10
email: bulamorley@gmail.com
phone: (08) 9375 5882

Fijian style Indian cuisine.

Most people don’€t know the difference between Indian and Fijian cuisine. They’re similar but there is one major difference – Fijian recipes don’t call for much rich dairy such as cream and yoghurt. Not only does this give the incredible flavours of the spice a chance to shine; it also allows that extra bit of room in your tummy for a few extra serves!

Opening Hours:

Monday:   8:30am - 7pm
Tuesday:   8:30am - 7pm
Wednesday:   8:30am - 7pm
Thursday:   8:30am - 10pm
Friday:   8:30am - 10pm
Saturday:   8:30am - 10pm
Sunday:   8:30am - 6pm

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